Who we are

Mega Natural S.A.C (MEGA) is a leading company in the export and local market sales of native products from Peru.

Founded in 2017, the family business has been dedicated since its inception to national and international trade, experiencing significant year-over-year growth attributed to its adaptability to market demands.

Our company’s main activities include the collection, processing, and export of native plants and natural products from the Coast, Highlands, and Amazon regions of Peru.

Mission and Vision

To be the leaders in export sales and the local market of native products from Peru, driven by the highest quality standards, cost-effectiveness, superior human capital, and the application of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) principles.

To meet the demands of the local and international markets by introducing natural products to all possible industries.

Satisfacer las necesidades demandadas por el mercado local e internacional, introduciendo productos naturales a todas las industrias posibles.


Fundamentally, our Values are rooted in the understanding that our success stems from a balance of fair actions. This encompasses our close relationship with farmers and cooperatives, the dedication of our global team, and ultimately, the preference of customers who value quality, service, and positively recognize our efforts.


With over 6 years of experience, we are devoted to the marketing, production, export, and distribution of Peruvian natural products and ingredients.

Mega Natural S.A.C is a vertically integrated company with over 6 years of experience in natural products. Our products originate from the high altitudes of the Andes to the vast Amazon rainforests

Integrated Logistics

The supply chain is the most critical part of the business, as it involves a traditionally wild-harvested product. Mega Natural S.A.C. has a successful supply strategy and efficient practices, always respecting its strategic partners in the value chain.


All of Mega’s products are 100% natural, which means traceability is an extremely important factor. Our raw materials are harvested, processed, and stored properly to ensure high standards of quality and purity for the benefit of industries.


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